Thursday, September 6, 2007

Products Designed to Torture Animals

PetEdge sells "prong collars" designed for the sole purpose of controlling dogs by causing them pain.
These collars are made of steel. They encircle a dog's neck with inward-facing steel prongs: these are forced into the dog's neck whenever the "handler" pulls on the leash.

PetEdge advertises these collars--Herm Sprenger German Prong Collars--as "the no-nonsense alternative for your toughest of canine customers." It calls them "an excellent training tool for getting the attention and obedience of more obstinate dogs"--by forcing steel prongs ("slightly rounded to help prevent injuries") into their throats. No questioning the logic: attention and obedience can be commanded by forcing steel prongs into the throat of your "pet."

These collars are designed entirely for animal abuse, and the "need" for them is largely created by animal abuse: those whose vicious mistreatment of dogs makes the dogs dangerous can use these collars conveniently to control their victims. Dog fighters must find such collars handy for dragging the "toughest of canine customers" into the fight ring or out to be hanged

PetEdge owes its existence and all its considerable profit to people who keep and care about pets: these of all people should contribute NOTHING to the profit of this company while it continues to advertise and sell collars designed expressly to inflict pain on animals.


Jenna Z said...

I'm wondering why you singled out Pet Edge when prong collars are available at nearly every pet store and online pet supply company, along with e-collars and slip (or choke chain) collars, which can be especially dangerous in the wrong hands.

Hailey said...

I'm wondering the same as Jenna, why not go after Petco, or Petsmart, or hell, any other pet supply store as they ALL carry prong collars.

I would get rid of choke chains and slips long before I get rid of prong collars.

I love PetEdge.

Spooner said...

To the blog author: This sounds very much like a specific problem with PetEdge as you fail to cite any of the companies that make Prong Collars.

To the blog readers: If you are looking for some nice collar selections check out this site devoted to design and fashion for dogs

The only pain a dog should feel are the jealous stares of his less fashionable brethren.